Installing Cherokee Web Server with PHP and PostgreSQL support

Well, I’ve found some time to tinker and as part of my little projects that I’ve got going on I needed a local webserver to do some development on. Cherokee is my new webserver of choice as it’s blazingly fast and much easier to configure than Apache. So, just for future reference, I wanted to put my way of getting this all installed and configured online.

I used Debian as my operating system because I love it, but anything linux/unix would work pretty much the same.

-Install Debian Stable

-Upgrade to Debian Testing

– Change all sources in /etc/apt/sources.lst from ‘stable’ or ‘lenny’ to ‘testing’

-From the root account:

-sudo aptitude update

-sudo aptitude install apt dpkg aptitude

-sudo aptitude full-upgrade

-You might have to do the last step a few times to make sure all the packages are updated properly

-Install Cherokee, PHP, and PostgreSQL

-sudo aptitude install cherokee php5-cgi postgresql php5-pgsql

-Setup Cherokee to use the PHP-FCGI intrepreter

– Use the following instructions to make a new rule


-Rock and roll!

Thanks to the following websites: