The end of the wireless woes!

So, this post is rather late but better late than never! My wireless card on my little phantom box that I had set up before just wouldn’t hold the connection. I don’t know if Linux wifi drivers were to blame, or if something else was up, but it bugged me to no end. My final solution to the problem was to do the following.

Router 1 -> (Obtains wireless signal and routes to wired ports) -> Router 2 -> (Takes ethernet from any of the Router 1 ports into the WAN port and re-broadcasts the signal)

This gives me a nice steady connection that I don’t have to bother with, save for having one computer logged in to the RADIUS http page. The good news is that if any one of the three of us who are sharing it are logged in, it works fine for the others – so there’s no weird login duplication that would get us blocked until our landlord unlocked the password.

I did run into a little snag though. When doing this setup, you have to make sure that the DD-WRT routers are set up so that the First Rne has the box that says: ‘Use DNSMasq for DNS’ on the ‘Basic Setup’ page, checked. The Second Router however, should have this box unchecked so those packets don’t get mapped from one private ip range to another and then have a hard time getting to the internet.

Once I figured that out (and it took me a long day of cursing) my internet woes have disappeared!